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We have been in business since 1984. Our motto is
"Exploring Tomorrow Using Electronics!!"
, and we will meet your request accordingly.

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Greetings from the President.

CEO Makoto Tsuji

Our company has been over 30 years after launching it on 1984 and thanks to all of our clients for supporting us.

We develop unique systems, control devices, products and parts in order to aim to make our company to meet clients` requests baced on our motto, `Exploring Tomorrow Using Electronics.

I believe that global society is in trend. Therefore, we will improve our technologies and develop new products to ensure safety for people in the world and future children.

Our Staff Members

  • Mr. Okagawa

    Engineering Division

    Mr. Okagawa

    I am responsible for system design, such as automatic control systems for scheduled play of video and audio, and computer control systems using switch panel and touch panel for the purpose of energy saving for audiovisual equipment. Also, I am widely accept your request, such as system design and development, and manufacturing connecting board and connecting plate. Please contact us if you install new systems.
  • Mr. Tanaka

    Engineering Division

    Mr. Tanaka

    always try to do cautious and conscientious work for each request.
  • Mr. Kato

    Sales Division

    Mr. Kato

    I would like to see our clients` smile when we met their expectations. To do so, we need to introduce our products as easy as we can. I always try to respond quickly and answer accurately.
  • Mr. Masui

    Engineering Division

    Mr. Masui

    I am responsible for programing of microcomputer circuit board and Windows applications. I aim to achieve both latest technologies and stability. I would like to help you to build a user friendly systems.
  • Ms. Noguchi

    Engineering Division

    Ms. Noguchi

    I am responsible for design using Illustrator and making elevation diagrams and production drawing using CAD. I always keep clients` face and the word `Live and Learn` in my mind while working.
  • Mr. Iimura

    Engineering Division

    Mr. Iimura

    I am responsible for making hardware. I pursue conscientious `Craftsmanship` through precise and careful work.
  • Ms. Tsuruga

    Engineering Division

    Ms. Tsuruga

    I mainly work for a part of connection panel products. I always care even small or inside parts in order to deliver our high-standard products.
  • Mr. Iwata

    Sales Division

    Mr. Iwata

    I am always catching the trend in our industry to propose advanced ideas as well as to meet customers` expectation. Special requests are always welcomed!